CrossFit Workout 8/6/18 Monday

10:00 of:
10 breaths in barbell assisted puppy dog stretch
:30 glute bridge hold
5 tall cleans.

Workout Warmup
In 20:00 Build to a heavy above knee hang power clean+power clean
In between 5 rounds of:
2 high box jumps
an easy 150 run

CrossFit Workout
AMRAP 8:00
4 Power cleans 185/125
8 Box Jump Step Down
150 run

Coach’s Note
These cleans should be heavy. Treat the workout warmup as a chance to use perfect technique at heavy loads. Keep the run and box jumps steady, and try and make sure you minimize rest in between power clean reps.

every 4:00 x 6 rounds run 400/300m

Every 3min x7 sets 1 clean @90-92.5%

8 min EMOM
2-4 unbroken bar muscle ups