CrossFit Workout 8/3/18 Friday

1 length heel to toe walking
Kipping practice
5 natural leg extensions
1 shuttle run

Workout Warmup
5 rounds of:
8 KB swings up to 70/53
an easy 150 run
the pullup warmup

CrossFit Workout
3 rounds
400m run
21 American KB swings 24/16
12 Pullups

Coach’s Note
If you can do this workout without scaling, please attempt it. Fight to keep the swings and pullups unbroken, and run at a pace that allows you to do so. If you know you can do the swings and pullups unbroken then push the run. The gym record for guys is 7:37 and the for girls is 8:48. Go get it.

12 rounds of :30/:30 on the bike for sustainable calories.

snatch 5×2 @ 85-90% Rest at least 3:00 in between rounds.
snatch pulls 2×2 @115% Rest as needed.

Every :40 for 8 rounds
4-7 unbroken pullups
5×2-4 reps of weighted strict supinated pullups. Build to a heavy set.