CrossFit Workout 8/13/19 Tuesday

10:00 @ a steady (below workout) pace
400m run
30 vups
20 burpees to ring
Accumulate up to 20 strict toe to ring (or leg raises) in remaining time

Workout Warmup
3 rounds:
5 OHS @ 3111 up to workout weight
5 kipping toe to ring
150 run, fastish

CrossFit Workout
“The Ringers Remixed”
At 0 start (with a 9:00 cap)
300m run
30 Toe to Ring
200m run
20 toe to ring
150m run
10 toe to ring

at 12:00 start
Burpee to ring
OHS 95/65


Coach’s Note
If you can’t run, use a bike today. These toe to ring numbers may be large for some of you. Stick to numbers you can do in 1-2 sets each round. For the OHS, it should be unbroken, but challenging.

At about 70% effort
7:00 row
7:00 bike
7:00 run
7:00 ski
7:00 row