CrossFit Workout 8/13/18 Monday

10:00 of:
Banded shoulder internal rotation stretch
:20 bentover supinated row hold
a perfect set of pushups

Workout Warmup
5 Rounds of:
:10-15 tuck lever holds
3 power cleans building no heavier than 155/105: Focus on form and speed
the pullup warmup
an easy 150 run

You can do this on the bar or rings.

CrossFit Workout
3 Rounds for time:
5 bar muscle ups
10 power cleans 135/95
400m run

Coach’s Note
This workout should be fast. Scale the power cleans so that they’re unbroken. If you can’t do bar muscle ups, do 1 burpee+ 1 of the hardest pullup variation you can do for 5 reps each round.

45:00 easy run. Keep your pace slow enough that you can breathe through your nose easily the whole time.

Back squat 5×3 @87%
go on the 5:00

rear foot elevated split squat 3×8 all tough sets
weighted glute ham raises 3×8 all tough sets

Superset the split squats and GHR, and then rest :90 in between rounds.

5 sets of 25-30% of your max pullups, for perfect form, and not under fatigue.