CrossFit Workout 8/12/19

We will be doing versions of some of the games workouts this week! Have fun with this, scale enough that you get a good workout in, and get a taste of what the games athletes went through! With the uptick in intensity/volume of the workouts, we’ll be taking a bit of a deload on the lifting. Don’t get heavier than assigned percentages, we start a build to test week next week.

10:00 of:
Double kb clean practice
10/10/10 rowing drills
:30 passive hang

Workout Warmup
3 Rounds:
200m row
5 double kb push press
1 wall walk/ 10 feet of hs walking

CrossFit Workout
“Second Cut”
For time with a 14:00 cap
800m row
66 Double kb push press 12/8
8 wall walks

Rx+ 16/12
120 feet of hs walking

Coach’s Note
The kettlebells should be light. This workout is all about pushing the pace enough early that you don’t fall off, but keeping something in the tank for the wall walks/hs walking. The number should be aggressive. Think 2+ breaks for the wall walks.

3:00 Row
1:00 off
4 rounds