CrossFit Workout 8/10/19 Saturday

Do the 5 step and 90 rep
3 Rounds
5 lunges/leg
5 pendlay rows or bmu warmup
5 pushups or hspu
20 du

CrossFit Workout
For time:
150 DU
100 alternating back rack lunges 95/65
75 abmat situps
50 pushups
25 Pendlay rows 145/95

hspu, and BMU

Coach’s Note
Those lunges are going to be spicy. You may step any direction, but you must alternate legs every step. For the DU, if you can’t do DU, do 300 SU instead. The pendlay rows should be heavy. If you can rep out more than 5, add weight.

5 RFT 5 RMU 15 C2B

Strong Man Work
5 Rounds, 25m each
Yoke Carry
Double KB front rack carry
Double waiter’s carry

Pain Work
“:45 on
3:30 off
4 rounds

Go get it.