CrossFit Workout 8/1/18 Wednesday

10:00 of:
Double under practice
:30 hollow hold
10 banded lunges/leg

Workout Warmup
8 rounds of:
Row :30 at a medium to hard pace
rest walk 1:00
This shouldn’t be a workout. Think about holding the same paces for each round.
3 rounds of:
Heavy goblet lunges
5 box jumps. If you’re going to rebound in the workout, please rebound here as well so that you’re warm. Focus on landing with your hips back.

CrossFit Workout
For time with a 6:00 cap
30 Goblet lunges 28/20 (total)
25 Box Jumps 24″/20″
20/16 calorie row

Coach’s Note
This workout should be a sprint. The lunges should feel heavy. If you choose to rebound the box jumps, make sure you land with your hips back. Once you get on the rower, put the pedal to the metal.

Around the world
50:00 of
2:00 easy movement
1 isometric hold

Back squat amrap @ 87%
rest 5:00
then 3×3-5 @ 87%. Rest as needed.

front rack step ups 5×4 all tough sets
staggered stance rdls 5×4 all tough sets
rest 2:00 in between supersets.

Flight simulator:
5 rounds for time:
60 double unders

Must be unbroken.