CrossFit Workout 7/9/19 Tuesday

10:00 of:
Rope clamp practice
10 light OHWL
5 T2B
1:00 easy row

12 total rounds on the :75 start. Every level does 12 russian twists total as C

L1 No strict pullup
A Amsap flexed arm Hang
B 10 Kip swings

L2 A few strict pullups
A 1 Strict pullup+3 negatives @23A3
B 3-6 kipping pullups

L3 Lots of strict pullups
A 3-5 Strict Pullups, as high as possible, @ 1313
B 8-12 unbroken pullups

CrossFit Workout
4 Rounds for time
25 foot left handed OHWL 16/12
10 T2B
25 foot right handed OHWL 16/12
1 rope climb

Double OHWL, same weight
legless rope climbs

Coach’s Note
This workout is going to be grindy and technical. Pick a toe to bar number that is moderate–50ish% of a max set. The OHWL should be unbroken. We may run into some rope climb waiting, if you know you need a second before you’re going to climb, please let a classmate go. The tempo for the strict pullups is one second down, 3 seconds at the bottom, 1 second up, 3 seconds at the top.

General For Quality Work
4 Rounds:
150m unbroken double kb front rack carry
1:00 unbroken bar hang (if this is easy, add a weight vest)
10 RNT assisted paused pistols/leg
rest as needed in between rounds

12 Rounds: you pick the machine :60 on, :30 off