CrossFit Workout 7/8/19 Monday

12:00 EMOM
A :40 of natural leg extensions
B: 30 DU/SU
C: 2 Cleans+2 Front squats up to your first strength weight

4 Rounds on the 2:00 start
2 cleans+5 Front Squats, last front squat, :08 hold
L1: AMSAP hold
L2: :20-:30 hold on wall
L3: 1:00 to accumulate as many seconds in a freestanding hs hold as possible

Then, do 2 rounds of:
150 run
5 Box jump overs
5 hpc at your starting weight

CrossFit Workout
12:00 AMRAP
400m run
20 box jump overs
10 Hang Power Cleans
Weight starts at 75/55, and builds by 20 pounds for girls, and 30 pounds for guys. Get as far as you can

Weight builds by 30 pounds each round for girls and 50 pounds each round for guys

Coach’s Note
I want everyone to get out the door for your 3rd 400. I think the best runners/box jumpers will make it back from their fourth 400. The weight should start very light, and then build pretty quickly. If you can’t finish the first 400+20 box jumps by 4 minutes, scale the slower section.

4 rounds
1 squat Snatch @75%
10 Touch and go squat snatches @30%

Rest 3:00
Single snatch goes 80/85/90
TAG go 10@30%/8@40%/6@50%/4@60%

Run 3:30, rest 1:00 x 4 rounds