CrossFit Workout 7/6/19 Saturday

Workout Warmup
3 rounds of :
3 stone shoulder
3 stepups/leg
5 slamball situps/GHDs
5 box jumps

CrossFit Workout
Death by (with a partner, alternate which move you do ever round)
Stone shoulder 115/95+pushups

2:00 in between each movement

Pullups+ Box Jump (1+1 in the same minute)

slamball Weighted stepups (each leg) +slamball situps 30/20

10:00 cap at each one. If you don’t finish, do half (round up) until the finish.

Rx+ 145/115, 24/20 inch box step ups, GHDs

1 Round
1 DL @90+%
20 no bounce DL @ 40-50%,

2×2 back squat @ 85+%
3×10 back squats @40-50%, AFAP

Skills Testing
Flight simulator

Rest 5:00

125% of your max set of BMU for time
2 scores: Max ub set to start, and total time

If you hit 125% on your max set, this just turns into a max ub set, score is reps.