CrossFit Workout 7/5/19 Friday

3 rounds
:30 teres minor smash/side
:40 natural leg extensions
5 hang muscle/power cleans
5 front squats

Use the warmup to get up to your first strength weight.

4 Rounds each, on the 2:00 start
A 3 Cleans+6 Front Squats, Last front Squat, :15 hold. Build across rounds.

B Handstand Work
L1: AMSAP hold
L2: :25-:35 hold on wall
L3: 1:00 to accumulate as many seconds in a freestanding hs hold as possible

Then, do 2 rounds of 3 dips and 3 cleans at workout weight

CrossFit Workout
8:00 AMRAP
10/8 cal row
5 Squat cleans 135/95
5 Ring dips

Ring dips have to be from the high rings, 185/125 cleans.
First RMU counts as a dip

Coach’s Note
You should get at least 3 rounds for this workout. The dips should be quick, but they can be broken up. The cleans should be singles. Think around 60-65% of your 1rm.

Olympic Lifting
3×1 snatch 75%
3×1 snatch 80%

You pick the machine:
10 rounds
:40 on/ :20 off