CrossFit Workout 7/5/18 Thursday

10:00 of
10 banded good mornings
1 wall walk with a :20 pause
1:00 easy movement (bike/row/jog/crawl)

Workout Warmup
15:00 to:
Build to 80% in clean and jerk.

intersperse 4 rounds of:
1 length heavish waiter’s carry/arm
:10 bike sprint all out. Don’t go longer, just go really hard.

CrossFit Workout
Every :90 x 10 rounds

1 power clean between 85-95%

For time with a 5:00 cap
30 clean and jerks 135/95.

Coach’s Note
These cleans should be very heavy. At the end, if they are feeling good, feel free to attempt a new PR. New Athletes should use this as a chance to get heavy. Experienced athletes should use this to practice at a moderate to heavy weight.
Grace should be an absolute sprint. If you’ve never tried quick singles, consider single, follow the bar down, pick it up as a style.

Around the world
40:00 of:
2:00 easy movement
1 isometric hold

Back Squat 1x AMRAP @ 80%
rest 5:00
then 2×6-8@ 80% of your max. Rest 3:00 in between.

5 rounds on the 5:00 start.
Front rack Split Squat x4 all tough sets
SLRDL x4 all tough sets

Flight simulator:
For time:

Double Unders
All unbroken.