CrossFit Workout 7/31/18 Tuesday

Row easy for 6:00. The goal is just to get a little sweaty and move together. Drop the pace of your rowing 1 second every 300 meters.
do the barbell warmup, all together. Think about moving perfectly.

Workout Warmup
Every 3:00 x 5 rounds
1 rowing sprint start
pullup warmup
5 thrusters up to 135/95. Focus on treating the thrusters like a skill. Get really good at them.

CrossFit Workout
24 Min EMOM
ODD 15/12 cals
EVEN 5 thrusters 95/65+5 chest to bar

If you fail, take 2:00 off, and then continue with:
ODD 8/6 cals
EVEN 3 thrusters+3 chest to bar.

Coach’s Note
This workout is about choosing the appropriate stimulus at the beginning. The row should take you between :30 and :45. The thrusters and chest to bar should take no more than :30 at the beginning. The point of this workout is that it should start out manageable and then be challenging but doable to finish.

Row 500 meters
rest 1:00


Clean 5×2 @ 85-90%. Rest at least 4:00 in between sets.
clean pulls 2×2 @ 115%. Rest as needed.

1 ring muscle up with a 2-4 pound medball in between your feet
rest 3:00
3 sets of AMRAP ring muscle ups
rest 1:00 in between efforts.