CrossFit Workout 7/30/18 Monday

8:00 of
10 staggered stance kb RDLs/side
:30 balled fist wrist stretch
1 length toy soldiers

Workout Warmup
20:00 to build to a heavy 3 rep deadlift. These can be touch and go or deadstop.
in between accumulate:
5 rounds of:
:20-:30 of l-sit on paralletes
1 length high knees

CrossFit Workout
Deadlifts 245/165
Burpees over the bar
At the start of each round, including the beginning, run a 150

Coach’s Note
These deadlifts should be moderately heavy to heavy. Keep the burpees and running consistent. Remember that you’re not halfway done until you’re 6 reps into the deadlifts.

Run for 40:00. Every 5:00 stop and perform 10-15 perfect pushups.

Build to a new push press max
then find a 1rm behind the neck push jerk

Accumulate 30 kipping handstand pushups. Make these perfect.