CrossFit Workout 7/3/19 Wednesday

Don’t forget, one class starting at 9 tomorrow. Cornhole tournament and BBQ tomorrow afterwards!

10:00 of:
5 straight arm ring rows
150 run
5 single arm db cleans/arm up to workout weight

A Strict/Kipping Pullup
Every :75 x 9 total rounds
L1 No strict Pullups
A AMSAP Flexed arm hang
B 12 kip swings
C 14 Landmine russian twists total
L2 A few strict pullups
A 1 strict pullup+3 negatives @ 30A2
B 3-5 kipping pullups
C 14 Landmine Russian Twists Total
L3 8+ strict pullups
A 4-6 Strict Pullups, as high as possible, @ 3011
B 6-10 unbroken kipping pullups
C Landmine russian twists x14 total

CrossFit Workout
For time, with a 14:00 cap
Single Arm DB Hang Cleans 45/30 total (switch as desired)
In between each round (but not at the end), 400m run

Every T2B break, 150 run.
50/35 DB

Coach’s Note
This workout should be manageable for the dumbbells, and fairly large sets for the t2b. If you know you’re only going to break once/set on the T2B, you should do the Rx+. If you can’t do T2B, do Kipping Leg Raises.

2:00 Run/2:00 rest x 6 rounds

Gymnastics Density Work
For time:
1×15 UB C2B
2×10 UB C2B
4×5 UB C2B

Then, EMOM5 3 Weighted Strict Ring Pullup, same weight across all rounds.