CrossFit Workout 7/3/18 Tuesday

Change of plans–we are NOT closed tomorrow. Skip will be coaching a class from 10-11. Happy Fourth! 

3 rounds:
5 single arm ring rows
:30 side plank/side
10 snatch grip RDLs
:30 banded lat distraction/side

Workout Warmup
5 rounds of:
1 power snatch balance+ one above knee hang power snatch+1 power snatch. Don’t touch and go the hang power snatch to power snatch.
Build above workout weight, but focus on speed under the bar and perfect form. We’ll get heavy later in the week.

1 round of the pullup warmup
6-10 hollow rocks

CrossFit Workout
3 rounds for time
15 pullups
15 power snatch 95/65
15/12 calories

Coach’s Note
This should be a fast workout. Choose pullup options that let you complete each round in 3 or less sets. If you can’t do kipping pullups, do ring rows today. This will get grippy quickly. Break up the snatches judiciously, but keep moving.

6 rounds:
500 m row
1:00 rest

Clean 6×3 @ 77.5-80%
Clean Pulls 3×3@110%

1 ring muscle up with an abmat in between your feet
rest 3:00
3 sets of AMRAP ring muscle ups
rest 1:00 in between efforts.