CrossFit Workout 7/22/19 Monday

12:00 EMOM
A 1 Clean liftoff, 1 power clean, 1 front squat up to 70%
B: 10 lateral stepups, bodyweight

3 Rounds each on the :90 start
A 1 Clean Liftoff+ 2 Power Cleans+ 2 Front Squats. start @70% and build as you feel able
B 12 Front Rack Stepups Right @2111
C 12 Front Rack Stepups Left @ 2111
D Strict RMU work
L1 4-6 False Grip Ring Row MU
L2: 2-4 False grip strict pullups, + 2-4 strict dips–on the last dip, do a negative low ring mu asap
L3-1 Strict RMU+AMRAP strict transtions

CrossFit Workout
7:00 AMRAP
150 run
10 deadlifts 135/95
5 Front squats 135/95
Rx+ 155/105

Coach’s Note
This one is pretty simple–can you hang onto the barbell for all 15 reps, and then head right out the door and keep moving. You may hang squat clean the first front squat, but make sure that you actually stand all the way up to finish the last deadlift. Pick a weight that makes you work to hang onto the bar the whole time.

Snatch Work
2×3@ 65%
2×1 @80%

Rotational work and Plyo
Try to do this before class or before the snatch.
2×2 seated box jump. Build to a height that you can land with fairly straight legs
2×1 weighted box jump 2×35/25. You pick the height.

5 pallof series- 10 reps standing pallof press/side, 10 reps half kneeling, 10 reps tall kneeling= 1 series.

9 Rounds: :90 run/:60 off