CrossFit Workout 7/19/19 Friday

Every :90 for 12 rounds
A 6 Front Rack stepups/leg. Build to a moderate weight
B :30 of foam rolling on each quad
C:30 of natural leg extensions + 3 squat cleans/power clean+front squat up to 50%
D: A round of the pullup warmup

12:00 EMOM
1 squat clean or 1 power clean+front squat.

Start at about 50%, last 6 rounds should be above 75%, last 3 should be heavy.

This is not a max out, unless it feels excellent. If you miss, drop to 75% of what you missed, and finish with that

Then, do a few C2B/BMU

CrossFit Workout
For time with a 10:00 cap
Squat Cleans 135/95

Squat Cleans 185/125

Coach’s Note
This workout should be moderately heavy. Pick a weight that you’re going to do for singles, and will make you hesitate a bit before you pick it up. The point of this one is to get you to hang onto the pullup bar just a little longer than you think you can.

10 Rounds, you pick the machine: 1:00 on/1:00 off

Find a max “high landing” box jump. No deep squat.