CrossFit Workout 7/17/19 Wednesday

Happy birthday Jeff!

3 Rounds
:30 sciatic nerve flossing each leg
5 empty bar stagger stance good mornings each leg
5 elevated glute bridges (feet on a low box)
10 scap pullups

Workout Warmup
3 Rounds:
2 Deadlifts up to workout weight
6 sumo good mornings, build to a moderate weight
A round of the pullup warmup
150 run

Jeff’s Birthday Workout
1 Deadlift @70% (315/225 cap)

150 run in between each round, including the end.

1 deadlift @ 70%

If you don’t know your DL max, Pick whichever seems reasonable from the following list:
315/225, 225/155, 185/25, 135/95

Coach’s Note
This workout should be grippy and steady. The deadlift shouldn’t be crazy, but it should be heavier than a normal deadlift for you. The pullups should probably be unbroken, with maybe one or two breaks in the middle rounds. It’s also Pete’s birthday, so make sure you say hey to him as well!

Gymnastics Testing
For time
10 BMU
15 C2B
20 T2B