CrossFit Workout 7/16/19 Tuesday

2 rounds/12:00 whichever happens first
Banded ankle distraction 1:00/side
Slow eccentric calf raises x6/leg
5 Single leg RDLs/leg with no or light weight
Side shuffles up and back
Up and back farmer’s carry to get an idea of what to go for in the strength

Then, do the barbell snatch warmup

8:00 EMOM
1 snatch up to 85%

Then, Every 2:00 for 6 Total rounds
A 1 Snatch @90%+. Build if things feel perfect, but the goal is no misses.
B 50m farmer’s carry, moderate weight. Think you could hold on for another 10m or so. Do this outside.

CrossFit Workout
For time with a 12:00 cap
1000m row
50 wallballs 20/14 to 10’/9′
25 burpees over the erg

Every second over 3:30/4:00 for the 1000, add 1 burpee to the 25. (40 total burpees cap)

Ladies, you’re going to 9 feet for this workout, and rowing 1000m

Coach’s Note
This workout should be one that takes your heart rate and mashes the gas pedal. Move the rowers out so that you have space to safely do burpees over the erg. If you can’t get 1000m done in 5:00, scale the row. The wallballs should take no more than 3 sets.

10:00 on the rower for max cals.