CrossFit Workout 7/15/19 Monday

8:00 of:
Slow eccentric calf raises: x 10 each leg
10 DB strict press/arm+ 25m overhead carry/arm
Squat Press Outs: x 5 with light plate

Workout Warmup
4 rounds each on the :90 start:
A 6 Box squats. Last 3 rounds moderate weight.
B 3 Shoulder to overhead up to your last weight, and 5 box jump overs

CrossFit Workout
2:00 of work, 2:00 off, for 5 Rounds
10 Box Jump overs
10 abmat situps
10/7 cal bike ( and airdyne #3 are 7/5)
Max S2O with remaining time.

Start @ 95/65, and add 10 pounds every round.

28/24 for the bjo, ghds, add 20 pounds every round

Coach’s Note
This workout should give you around 10-15 shoulder to overhead in the first round. For the box squats, focus on staying back as you sit down, and control to the box. Those should be around a 5-6 out of 10 for the last 3 sets.

Olympic Capacity
4 rounds
1 squat clean and jerk @75%
10 Touch and go squat clean and jerks@30%
Rest 3:00
Single clean and jerk goes
80/85/90 TAG go 10@30%/8@40%/6@50%/4@60%