CrossFit Workout 7/12/19 Friday

12:00 of
2 slow first pull snatches up to strength weight
A Round of the pullup warmup
:20 back of hand knee plank

4 Rounds on the 3:00 start
1 Snatch+ 1 Hang Snatch at 75-80%
10 Nordic Hamstring Curls

Then do one round of:
2 power snatch, 4 BFB and a set of your pullup movement.

CrossFit Workout
2:00 on, 2:00 off for 4 rounds
5 Power Snatch 95/65
10 Bar facing burpees
Max Chest to bar in remaining time

8 Power snatch, Max BMU in remaining time

Coach’s Note
This workout is going to be fast to the pullup bar. Then, it will be about managing grip fatigue and continuing to move. 2:00 off is a fairly long time, so push the pace each round. If you don’t have chest to bar, do the hardest pulling movement you can do. If you aren’t getting at least :30 on the bar in the first few rounds, drop the burpee reps.

3×1 c&j@ 80%
3×1 @85%

6 Rounds: Row 2:00, rest :45