CrossFit Workout 7/11/18 Wednesday

Do the 5 step all together

Workout Warmup
12:00 of
Toe to bar practice
kipping Handstand pushup practice

Really use this opportunity to work with the coach for your class on perfecting your movement. If you have these, get better at them. If you don’t have them, take a step towards getting there.

CrossFit Workout
FT with a 30:00 cap
150 uneven farmer’s carry (switch sides whenever) 24/20 and 16/12
20 lateral burpee box step overs 20/16
15 toe to bar
1500/1200m row
rest :30, then repeat, but go faster.

score is total time plus the difference between your two rounds. If you go faster, you get to subtract.

Coach’s Note
Obviously, :30 isn’t enough to recover. Use it to write down your time for the first attempt, and to remind yourself how you’re going to go faster in the second round. If you can’t do HSPU, do pike HSPU.

:30 hard rowing
:30 rest
x10 rounds
sustainable pace every time

Every 2min x6 sets 1 snatch @85-90%
No misses!

Try and walk on your hands across the gym without kicking down.
Rest 3:00
If you can get across easily, accumulate 300 feet of handstand walking, must be in at least 10 foot incrememnts.
If you can get across, but it’s hard, accumulate 150 feet of handstand walking, must be in at least 5 foot increments
If you can’t get across:
15:00 of handstand hold and walking play.