CrossFit Workout 6/7/19 Friday

Don’t forget–weightlifting meet this weekend, no classes Saturday or Sunday. If you want to do the incline on Sunday, meet at the gym at 7am.

In 10:00
Warm up your pulling movement
Accumulate 1:00 of single leg stand on each leg
Accumulate 30-50 pushups (3-5 sets)

Workout Warmup
5 rounds
3-5 strict t2b+:10-:15 l-sit on last round
6-10 kipping t2b
Try to add one rep from this if you did it last week.

CrossFit Workout
12:00 AMRAP
12 Burpee pullups
25 foot KB OHWL 16/12

5 Burpee ring muscle ups
25 foot OHWL 24/16

8 Burpees
5 banded strict pullups
25 foot OHWL 8kg/10 pounds

Coach’s Note
This workout shouldn’t hurt that bad from a breathing point of view. It’s going to be technical and hard to keep moving. The OHWL are single arm. Pick a weight that’s challenging, but allows you to stay in good positions. If you can’t get the burpee pulling done in 2 minutes, scale the reps or movement. The burpee pullups can be strict or kipping, but you do a burpee before every rep.

Push Jerk 5×3@80-85
FRBSS 5×12/leg

Gymnastics Volume
8×8 with :60 rest in between:
Parallete Pike HSPU–controlled and perfect

3×10 UB chest to bar-first 3 strict
3×8 UB chest to bar first 2 strict
3×6 UB chest to bar first 1 strict