CrossFit Workout 6/6/19 Thursday

One warmup, This is going to be a long one. Don’t forget–weightlifting meet this weekend, no classes Saturday or Sunday. If you want to do the incline on Sunday, meet at the gym at 7am.

3 rounds
Sled play–find a good, grinder weight.
:30 bike
:30 row

Get good and sweaty.

CrossFit Workout
With a partner
10 rounds (5 each) at each station, you go, I go style.

50m sled push 140/100 pounds added

15/12 cal bike

250/225m row

50m sled pull 90/50 added

Score is total time.

Coach’s Note
The sleds should be at a grinder pace. If you can sprint with that weight, add a bit. Go hard on the bike/row. If you tail off a little bit, that’s fine. Make sure you roll your legs out after—this one is going to make your lower body feel twice as big.