CrossFit Workout 6/6/18

Halfway through retest week! Compare to 4/4/18.

10:00 of
Single arm hang, AMSAP e/hand
10 single arm/single leg plank e/side
Sagging pec stretch, 1:00
3 perfect muscle up transitions w/feet on ground on the low rings
Non max set of perfect triceps pushups

Workout Warmup
20 minutes to:
Find a max hold with e/hand on top clenched legless rope hold. 1:30 cap
Find a max ring support hold with your hands turned out 1:00 cap
Pullup warmup and find:
Max kipping ring muscle ups

CrossFit Workout
3 minutes on
1 minute off
Every round buyin of:
150/100m row
6 unbroken ring rows at the same height you did during test week.

Then work on
100 perfect tricep push ups for time. Score is time to complete all 100, including buyin
Four round cap

Coach’s Note
Row very hard, so that you have lots of time. Make sure that you avoid going to failure in the first set of pushups. Try and hold a steady pace until the round that you’ll finish 100 in, and then go for broke.

Find a 1rm deadlift.

none today

none today