CrossFit Workout 6/5/18 Tuesday

Retest week continues! Compare this to 4/3/18

We are excited to announce the rebirth of Basic Barbell.
Tuesday at 10AM
Wednesday at 5:30 PM
Friday at 4:30 PM.

This will take place in the weightroom, and will be a coached version of the lift of the day. Come have fun, improve your technique, and set some new PRs!

Min 1 Star plank ups, 6 e/side w control pause at the top
Min 2 :30 planche lean
Min 3: Supinated puppy dog stretch w.barbell

Workout Warmup
5 Rounds of:
5 clean deadlifts to power position
3 high hang power cleans, building to a heavy but non-max set. AKA no misses
1 high box jump

CrossFit Workout
14 min AMRAP “”DT plays Ball””
15 ball slams 30/20
12 deadlifts 155/105

Coach’s Note
This workout is about grip and continuous movement. Wherever you break the barbell movements, make sure to break the deadlifts at 11, so you can pick it up and go right into hang power cleans. Break the ball slams before you think you need to. Always stay in good positions so to reduce lower back fatigue.

Find a max squat snatch and max squat clean

none today

none today