CrossFit Workout 6/4/19 Tuesday

10:00 EMOM
A 1 Front squat+3 back squats up to back squat weight-first 3 rounds @ 2211 for all squats. Then change your weight.
B 2 ring dips+:15 ring support hold

Every 5:00 for 5 rounds
Back squat 5×5 @90% of what you hit last week
Half- kneeling Strict press 5×12/arm try to hit every set at your heaviest weight from last week. If you did all your sets at the same weight last week, go up.
Easy bike or row for remaining time.

5 RFT with a 10:00 cap
7 Ring dips
10 Front squats 95/65

Rx+ 10 Ring dips, 13 front squats
Scaled: Feet on ground ring dips, empty bar front squats.

Coach’s Note
This one should be pretty close to unbroken. Make sure that you’re getting all the way down and up for the ring dips. If you can do ring dips, but not 7, do as many as you can get in 2 quick sets. If you know you struggle with depth on a front squat, consider grab a medball and squat to it. The weight should be light. Limiter on this workout should be muscle burn and breathing, not weight or reps.

Gymnastics Density
11:00 EMOM, 20-25% of max set BMU