CrossFit Workout 6/4/18 Monday

Welcome to retest week! Compare this workout to 4/2/18. Have fun 🙂

12:00 for 3 rounds of
Half-Kneeling Upside down KB Press 12 reps e/arm slower down than up
10 Pullup-plus
:30 Wrist Mobility, Coach’s choice
:15 ring row to chest hold

Workout Warmup
Find a max supinated chest to bar hold (Cap @ 1:00)
Find a max nose and toes handstand hold, with your hands directly under your shoulders (Cap @ 1:00)
1 attempt to find a max set of strict handstand pushups
1 attempt to find a max set of supinated strict chinups

CrossFit Workout
4 Wall Walks
10 burpees
10:00 time cap

Coach’s Note
This workout is all about managing shoulder fatigue. Stay steady in the early rounds so that you can sprint that last round of burpees. Focus on walking your hands in short choppy steps, and don’t forget to walk your feet on the way down.

Find a 1rm Press

Find a max set of Bar Muscle Ups

None today