CrossFit Workout 6/21/19 Friday

10:00 EMOM
A :20 side plank/side
B: 12/9 cal bike, building to a sprint

GHD Practice:
4 Rounds
L1: :20 GHD hollow hold
L2: 5 GHDs to parallel
L3: 6 GHDs with a wallball

Then do a few rounds of carry+ bike sprint

CrossFit Workout
2:00 on
1:00 off
Until you get to 80 vups/GHDs

50m kb crush carry 24/16
20/16 cal bike
Max vups/ghds in remaining time

6 round cap. Your score is your time on the clock when you finish.

Coach’s Note
The carry should be unbroken and not too bad. The bike should be very up tempo. I think it might be possible to finish this in the 3rd round, but I expect most people to finish in the fourth or fifth round.

Triple 3
3000m row
300 DU
3 mile run