CrossFit Workout 6/14/18 Thursday

Scheduling Note
We will be going to Overland High School Track on Saturday to complete test week with a mile time trial. The schedule will be as follows:

8-9 Boot Camp at FRCF
9:30-10:30 Overland Track

The gym will be open until 1pm, if you want to come back and get some extra work in after. Come have fun and run hard!

If you missed a day this week, please make up the test and enter your score on that day (just click ahead in the faceboard on ZP). If you know you’re going to miss a day tomorrow or Saturday, please ask your coach for the test coming up for that day. If you’re missing both, you get to choose.

If you’re doing a test, please do the warmup for that day. If you’re here for an active recovery day:

3 rounds NFT of:
:30 active hang on rings
10 hollow rocks
10 rig assisted cossack squats

Workout Warmup
every 2 minutes by 6 rounds of:
5 ghd situps to parallel (rx+full)
1-5 strict pullups
5 single leg rdls/leg building to something fairly challenging
This can be done in any order to make sure we have enough GHDs

CrossFit Workout

If you’re not missing a test, do:
4 rounds for time
500/400m row
10 vups
10 ring rows
150m crush carry 24/16

make up a test or 30:00 of mobility.

make up a test

make up a test