CrossFit Workout 6/11/19 Tuesday

With a partner:
3 rounds:
1 person passive hangs, 1 person active hangs, :15 seconds in each position
20 pullovers each
:30 single leg glute bridge hold/side while other person does a pec smash (coach’s choice)

Every :90 x 10 total rounds (5 each)
ODD: :20 N-sit
Even: 5-8 Kipping knee raises
ODD 3-5 Strict Leg raises+:05-:08 single leg L-sit/side
Even: 2-4 T2B
Odd: 3-5 Strict T2B+:10-:15 L-sit hold on last rep
Even: 6-10 Unbroken T2B

Then, do 3×3 stone shoulder up to workout weight

CrossFit Workout
3 Rounds of:
:50 of work at each station, :10 transition time
Stone shoulder 95/75
Row cals
Bike cals
Score is total reps.

145/115 S2S

Coach’s Note
You’re going to fall off a bit on pullups and stone shoulder, but try and minimize the damage as much as possible. Your calories should stay consistent. Unlike fight gone bad, there isn’t rest in this workout, other than the transition time, so you’ll need to be smart about how hard you push in the first round. Pullups will make or break your score in this workout. If you are good at pullups, and willing to make the rest of this hurt, I think that 200 reps is possible for guys, and 180 for girls. Set the stones up near the rower so you can transition quickly.

CrossFit Pacing Work
8 rounds at a conversational pace
20/16 cal bike
rest :15
10 rkbs (unbroken weight)
rest :15
2-4 unbroken RMU+2-4 unbroken strict ring pullups
rest 1:00