CrossFit Workout 6/11/18

Welcome to the start of the next cycle!

Note: We’re doing today’s workout as a ladder. Because of this, while you’re welcome to do your own gymnastics/conditioning/kettlebell programming as per normal, all of the weights and barbells on the CrossFit side are spoken for. Please do not disassemble any part of the ladder. See above for current setup of the room!

10 snatch grip rdls
10 snatch high pulls
10 muscle snatches
10 power snatches from high hang
10 power snatches from low hang
10 front rack pulses
10 muscle cleans
10 power cleans from high hang
10 power cleans from low hang

Workout Warmup
Build to 50% of your power snatch and power clean

CrossFit Workout
Start at 50% of your 1rm Power Snatch
Every :90 add:
5 pounds if your power snatch/clean is under 200
10 pounds if your power snatch/clean is over 200

Once you have found a heavy power snatch, drop to 60% of your 1rm power clean and repeat with power clean

Coach’s Note
This workout is a good opportunity to find reasonable approximations of your max. If you’re new to olympic lifting, use this as an opportunity to practice reps at a manageable weight, before pushing heavier after several good lifts. If you’re technically sound, use this as an opportunity to get very heavy.

none. do the WOD 🙂

no skills today

50/40 cals for time on the airdyne.