CrossFit Workout 6/10/19

Happy belated birthday to Stan! A reminder, if you want a birthday workout, tell me a few weeks before, and we’ll fit your favorite movements into the programming!

9:00 EMOM
A 30 wall strikes
B :20-:30 hollow hold
C 10 empty bar ohs pulses

Workout Warmup
5 OHS @ 3311 up to 115/75
150 run

CrossFit Workout
10 OHS 75/55
20 abmat situps
550 run

No one goes up. Just go faster

Coach’s Note
This is a long workout that should let you keep moving the whole time. The squats should be light–make sure you’re getting all the way down and standing all the way up. I think that it might be possible for good runners to go 20 minutes on this workout. Make sure you keep the 550 under 3:30.

Push Jerk 5×2 @85-90% of Push Jerk
Front Rack BSS 5×10/leg

500m row @5k pace+:05
200m row @2k pace+:05
drop your pace by 1 second/interval every round