CrossFit Workout 5/9/19 Thursday

Warmup: Start this @ 15:00
10:00 EMOM
ODD: 10/7 cal bike
Even: 10 mckenzie pushups

Workout Warmup: Start this @ 27:00
3 rounds
5 DB Front Squats @ 3111
10/10/10 rowing drills

CrossFit Workout: Start this @ 40:00
10:00 AMRAP
40 cal row
20 db front squats 2×35/20

rest 3:00
For time with a 2:30 cap:
50/40 cal bike

Coach’s Note:
The DB front squats should be light enough to do in 1 or 2 sets. The row shouldn’t take you longer than 4 minutes. A good score will be 2+ rounds, everyone should get off the rower in the second round. Some of you will get longer rest for the bike–that just means you should go faster. Completely fresh, I’ve seen 50 cals on the assault bike done in less than :30. I think after the squats that will be a tall task, but I do think some people will go sub :60.