CrossFit Workout 5/9/18 Wednesday

10 min of
:30 balled fist wrist stretch
10 snatch grip rdls w/empty barbell
1 box jump building to a challenging height

6 rounds, building above workout weight
1 above knee hang power snatch+1 power snatch+1 ohs
no touch and go
6 russian kettlebell swings building to WOW
1 rowing sprint start

CrossFit Workout
12 min amrap
500/400m row
10 power snatches 115/75
10 overhead squats 115/75
10 russian kb swings 32/24

15 min to build to a heavy above knee hang snatch from blocks
6×3 @80%, drop the bar in between
Rest as needed

3 rounds:
6 slow negative pistols from a box e/side
15-20 banded hip adduction/abduction/leg
rest as needed

around the world
2 min easy movement
1 min isometric hold
Rotate through 4 or 5 holds
36 minutes total