CrossFit Workout 5/8/19 Wednesday

Double under day! See everyone for some clinic work tonight in the evening classes.

Warmup: Start this @ 15:00
DU clinic
OR 3 rounds of:
10 total rope rows
:20 ring support
:30 GHD hollow hold
Up and back waiter’s carry walk up to workout weight

Skills: Start this at 25:00
DU Clinic OR

4 rounds
Waiter’s carry AFAP/hand w 25% of strict press. 100m cap.
L1 7 kb rope pulleys, same weight
L2 AMSAP Rope pullups/hand @3111
L3 2 legless rope climbs

Then do 3 rounds of 3 dips+3 burpees+ 3 medball situps/GHDs

CrossFit Workout: Start this @ 45:00
15:00 AMRAP
5 Dips/ 10 dips Rx+
10 burpees/ 15 burpees RX+
15 medball situps/ 15 GHDs Rx+
50 DU

Coach’s Note:
The dips should be unbroken. Overall, this should be a workout that you can move continuously through. Keep your burpees honest. If we don’t have dips, let’s do banded dips.

8 rounds:
8 unbroken strict HSPU
rest as needed in between rounds Pick a number that is about 50% of your max set.