CrossFit Workout 5/8/18 Tuesday

3 rounds:
banded lat stretch
1:00 arms only rower/bike
l-sit/n-sit on paralletes

Workout Warmup
3 rounds of:
“2-3 legless rope climbs/AMRAP pullups with a hand switch/2-3 negatives ASAP/clenched rope hold
AMRAP ring dips slow down, pause in bottom/AMSAP bottom of ring dip hold/5-7 challenging banded ring dips
3 deadlifts up to workout weight

CrossFit Workout
On a running 20:00 clock
0-10 minutes
10 deadlifts 155/105
10 alternating leg v-ups
10 triceps pushups

For some of you, this will go very fast. Hit it hard, and hold yourself to the highest movement standards. Then row as hard as you can in the next piece. For some of you, this weight is going to be challenging. Try and use this weight, even if you have to drop the deadlift reps down a bit.

10-20 minutes
for time with a partner:
1500m guys pair
1350m mixed pair
1200m girls pair
one person rowing, one holding:
0-5 min: active hang, you pick the implement
5-10 min: ring support
Switch when partner drops

find a 4rm press @ 3011
then 5 sets of 4 @ 90% @3011

3 rounds supersetted:
AMSAP L-sit hang on rings (false grip if you can)
15-20 barbell wrist curls in each direction
rest as needed in between rounds

Run 400m
Row 500m
rest 4:00
for exact same splits