CrossFit Workout 5/6/19 Monday

Warmup: Start this at 15:00
9 min EMOM
A 15 ring rows
B :45 light goblet squat hold
C: 15/12 row cal

Workout Warmup: Start this at 25:00
5 Rounds:
1 Muscle clean+1 Front Squat @3111+1 Squat clean
A round of the pullup warmup

CrossFit Workout: Start this at 35:00
For time
21 Squat Cleans 95/65
21 Chest to bar
1000/800m row
15 Squat cleans
15 Chest to bar
750/600m row
9 Squat cleans
9 Chest to bar
500/400m row

30/20/10 for squat cleans
12/9/6 ring muscle ups instead of chest to bar

Coach’s Note
This workout is going to be long and very grindy. The weight should be light for the squat cleans. The pulling movement should be fairly challenging. I expect it to take several sets to complete each section of pulling. If you can’t row at a 2:05/2:25 per 500 pace, scale the row.

Back Squat Waves:
Every 4:00 for 6 total rounds:
ODD Rounds: 8 back Squats. Start at 65% and build as you’re able
EVEN Rounds: 3 Back Squats. Start at 80% and build as you’re able.

Snatch balance 6×2 between 50-70% of snatch max.

On the bike
:30 hard
1:00 moderate
1:30 easy spin
10-12 rounds. Let your ability to hold the same rpms for each section be your limiting factor.

If you did this last week, pick the thing that was hardest, and try and improve that, while holding the other aspects the same.

Hard should be a bit below a :30 on/off effort (maybe 5 RPMs)
Moderate should be about your 10 minute pace
Easy should be an actual recovery pace.