CrossFit Workout 5/18/18 Friday

3 rounds, not for time, of:
:30 pallof press e/side
6 cossack squats e/side
quad smash w/barbell

Workout Warmup
5 rounds of:
5 goblet reverse lunges e/leg building well above workout weight–if you’re going RX, get up to 32/24
5 kb snatches e/arm
5 rotational med ball throws e/side

CrossFit Workout
For time

150 crush carry 28/20
25 box jump step downs 24/20
50 Goblet reverse lunges 24/16 total
50 total kb snatch 24/16. Switch as desired.
25 cal row

Coach’s Note
The crush carry comes down in weight a bit this week. Focus on keeping your forearms underneath the bell,
and your shoulders over your hips. A good time in this workout all depends on your willingness to push in
the back half. Fight to stay smooth and consistent through the lunges–going to failure too early will result in putting the bell down a lot! Finish strong on the row.

find a 3 rep back squat max at 2111
then 4 sets of 3 @ 90% @ 2111

15 min EMOM 1 squat snatch from the ground at a light weight.

Row 6000/5000m
every 1000 meters get off and walk a 150