CrossFit Workout 5/17/18 Thursday

3 rounds:
10 breaths in half moon e/side
10 quadroped t-spine rotations
10 strict knee raises

Workout Warmup
9 min emom:
Min 1: 10 russian kb swings building to WOW
Min 2: :30 of hardish rowing
Min 3: 6-10 kipping knees to chest

Then I want six minutes of dedicated toe to bar practice. Focus on building the rhythm of toe to bar,
and pulling your legs down hard into arch.

CrossFit Workout
8 min AMRAP:
15/12 calorie row
10 toes to bar
10 russian kettlebell swings 24/16
rest 4:00
For time:
What you accomplished in workout number 1
10:00 cap.

Coach’s Note
The goal for the AMRAP is fast, consistent movement. I want you to push hard enough that repeating will be difficult, but possible. If you struggle with toes to bar, use the row as recovery and hang onto the bar. If 10 unbroken is normally not that hard for you, push the row hard enough to challenge your toes to bar.

no lift. mobility instead

Bike 20/15 calories AFAP
rest :20
an unbroken set of double unders
rest as needed x3
score is double unders

12-10-8-6-4-2 of:
GHD situps
Glute ham raises

This is not for time. Fire your quads on the situps.