CrossFit Workout 5/16/18 Wednesday

12 min at an easy pace of:
1 min couch stretch. alternate legs
1 round of strict cindy
30 of easy shuttle running

Workout Warmup
3 rounds:
1 l-sit rope climb/1-3 legless rope climbs/AMRAP touch and go elevators/amrap rope rows rope clench hold
AMRAP slow down pause in bottom ring dips/3 slow negatives/AMSAP ring support with turnout
10 goblet squats with a pause in the bottom

CrossFit Workout
15 minute AMRAP:
15 goblet squats 28/20
150 farmer’s carry 2×24/16
15 perfect ring rows
15 perfect pushups
150 run

Coach’s Note
This workout is a longer AMRAP that will test shoulder endurance. The goblet squats should be slightly heavier than normal. If you are confident in your muscle endurance, try and push to keep the farmer’s carries unbroken, and the run fast.

Find a 3 rep max deadlift. No touch and go but don’t take your hands off the bar

Unbroken chest to bar
For time, rest as needed. If you fail, you stay at that rung of the ladder.

Around the World:
2 min of easy movement
1 min of an isometric hold
cycle through 4 or 5 holds
36:00 total