CrossFit Workout 5/15/18 Tuesday

10:00 of:
10 banded lunges e/ leg
easy 150 jog
10 scap pullups
1 broad jump
barbell warmup (RDLs, bent over rows, strict press, front squats, power clean, power snatch)

Workout Warmup
Min 1: pullup warmup
Min 2: 3 snatches building to workout weight.
Min 3: 25 double unders+10 high knees+10 butt kicks (watch video)
Min 4: 3 clean and jerks building to WOW

CrossFit Workout
Happy Birthday Silverman!
1 max set of unbroken kipping pullups into:

Light SAS
1 mile run
24 snatches 135/95
20 clean and jerks 185/125
15 ring muscle ups

Time cap: 30min

2 scores today. 1 is pullups, 1 is total time.

Coach’s Note

This workout is a long, highly technical movement. Pick weights that are challenging but safe–in the 70-80% range. If you can’t do ring muscle ups, do 30 burpee chest to bar/pullups/ring rows.

7×2 @ 90% of your low block hang clean max, starting on the 4:00.

find a challenging non-rebounded 2 rep box jump. Ideally use the soft boxes in the weight room.

6 rounds for the same split:
run 150
10 russian kb swings 32/24
8 pullups (if you do this after the workout, use 50% of your max set from today)
30 ub du
rest 1:00