CrossFit Workout 5/14/19 Tuesday

Warmup start this @ 15:00
3 rounds:
5 Turkish situps/side
8 SA upright rows/side heavier
10 kip swings

Skills start this @27:00
3 rounds on the 2:00 start
5 rope elevators
3 1 clamp rope pulls
4 rope climbs

Then, do A few rounds of 2/4/6 cindy.

CrossFit Workout Start this @ 40:00
10 rounds of cindy for time with a 15:00 cap
Rx+ in a vest

Coach’s Note
This is partly to help you prepare for how you should pace Murph. Try and stay steady: 3 rounds in 4 minutes and then only another 4 rounds before the time cap isn’t what we’re looking for. I think 8:00 is possible, and most people should be shooting for 10-13 minutes.

5 Rounds for quality:
50% of max set, ub t2b
15 GHD
50m yoke carry, 365/275.
rest at least 2:00 in between rounds

:30 hard
1:00 moderate
1:30 easy spin
10-12 rounds. Let your ability to hold the same rpms for each section be your limiting factor.

If you did this last week, pick the thing that was hardest, and try and improve that, while holding the other aspects the same.

Hard should be a bit below a :30 on/off effort (maybe 5 RPMs)
Moderate should be about your 10 minute pace
Easy should be an actual recovery pace.