CrossFit Workout 5/13/19 Monday

Warmup start this @ 15:00
3 Rounds:
5 RDLs @ 4011
5 Bench Press @ 3111
Up to your 6 set.

Strength: Start this at 25:00
Every 2:30 for 8 rounds (4 each)
ODD: 6 Barbell RDLs+6DB bench press
EVEN: 2 RDLs+ 2DB bench

Then, do the snatch warmup, and get some snatches in at workout weight.

CrossFit Workout: Start this @ 50:00
7:00 AMRAP
150 run
10 Hang Power snatches 75/55

First 3 rounds must be done by 4:00, or you do 20 bar facing burpees. Score is rounds plus reps. Burpees don’t count.

Rx+ must be done by 3:30

Coach’s Note
If the barbell is still in your hands at the 4:00 or 3:30 mark, you’re doing burpees. Hold yourself true to this. The point of this workout is to force you to go out at a pace that is uncomfortable, and then see what happens in the back half of the workout. Pick a weight you can go unbroken on. If you can’t run a 150 under :45, shorten the run distance. Tell the class whether you’re doing 4 or 3:30 before the workout starts. 🙂

Olympic Technique Work
Clean from blocks 6×2 @ 65-75%+

Gymnastics Practice
10 Rounds:
4 Alternating Box pistols @ 3111
easy bike in between rounds

Stand on a box, do a slow controlled pistol off it. Focus more on the anti-rotation aspect of the pistol, rather than having to keep your other leg elevated.