CrossFit Workout 5/12/18 Saturday

Workout Warmup
10:00 of:
barbell patterning (you pick snatch/clean&jerk)
db snatch practice
active hang from rings
easy 150 run

CrossFit Workout
Teams of 3:
1 lifting
1 working on the triplet
1 resting
male teams:
as a unit, lift 13,500 pounds, ground to overhead.
female teams:
as a unit, lift 9,500 pounds, ground to overhead
2 guys, 1 girl: lift 12,000 pounds
1 guy, 2 girls: lift 11,000 pounds.

One person completes:
run 150
10/8 calorie row
10 v-ups

switch every time someone finishes the triplet.

make a lift up

every 2 min x 7 sets
the same number of unbroken wallballs as last friday’s score, with a ball one size lighter than the ball you used.

:30 for calories on the bike
directly into AMSAP bottom of squat active hold 32/24
rest 5 times as long as it takes you to complete this
score is calories+1.5(squat hold seconds)

The goal for this is full send, every time.
x3 rounds

Scale number of rounds to maintain intensity.