CrossFit Workout 5/10/19 Friday

Warmup: Start this @ 15:00
3 rounds
6 rope clamps
10 single arm upright rows. All 3 sets same weight as last set last week.
:50 passive hang

Skills: Start this @ 25:00
4 rounds on the 2:00 start
L1 3 rope elevators
L2 2 1 clamp rope pulls
L3 3 rope climbs

Then, do 3 rounds of 1 3-position power clean up to 50% of your power clean

Workout: Start this @ 40:00
16:00 Alternating emom:
Min 1: Run a 150
Min 2: 3 Power cleans. Start @ 50% and build as you’re able.

RX+ 5 power cleans. Score is Weight x Reps in your last successful round (run less than a minute+ all reps completed under a minute.

Coach’s Note
This workout is all about technical precision under increasing fatigue and load. They do not have to be touch and go. You get up to 7 weight increases. If you get a weight that is heavy enough, stay there for the rest of the rounds. If you can’t run a 150 in under :45 consistently, you NEED to scale the run. Run to the corner and back instead. At the beginning, the cleans should take less than :30.

Every 3:00 x 6 total rounds
ODD: 8 Push press + 8 Chest supported row
Even: 3 Push Press+3 chest supported row

Gymnastics Density
6 rounds
12-16 unbroken toe to bar
recovery pace 400m row in between rounds These T2B should be aggressively large sets. It should scare you a bit.