CrossFit Workout 4/9/2018 Monday

General Warmup
3 Rounds:
50 single unders
10 Banded lunges/side
1:00 hero’s pose with pvc

Workout Warmup
15 minutes of athletic stations: have fun with it!
freeze tag, box drills with the cones, pvc hurdles. Everyone be warm and sweaty

CrossFit Workout
Every 2 minutes by 5 rounds
100 foot shuttle sprint (50 out and back if outside, 25 four times if inside)
20 walking lunges
5 box jumps 24/20
Do this outside if it’s nice!

Build to a heavy set of 8-10 back squats @ 32×1 in 15 minutes
4 sets of 8 back squats @32×1 @ 90% of your heavy

Every 2 min for 15 rounds
1 clean from the high blocks @30-40% of your 1rm. Set the blocks to be equal to your power position.


4 Rounds:
3:00 Row
3:00 Bike
3:00 rest

Take your highest round from last week. Try and hold that pace for four rounds.