CrossFit Workout 4/8/19 Monday

Move for 3-5 minutes
Do Mobility or Stability work that you need for 3-5 minutes

Warmup start this at 15:00
3 rounds:
5 kb pendlay rows
5 split squats

First 2 rounds @3011 (slow on the way down)
Third round with a 3 second pause on your chest for the rows, and an inch off the ground for the split squats.

Get close to your first weight for the rows and split squats.

Strength start this at 25:00 past
6 KB Pendlay Rows between 25-30% of of your max DL
15 Split squats/leg between 25-30% of your max back squat

rest as needed

6KB Pendlay Rows b/t 27-32% of your max DL
15 split squats/leg between 30-35% of your max back squat

rest as needed
6+ KB Pendlay rows b/t 30-35% of your max DL

CrossFit Workout start this at 48 past
9:00 AMRAP
10 Front squats 95/65
5 burpee strict pullups
10 cal row

15 Front squats 95/65
1 legless rope climb
10 cal row

Coach’s Note
This workout is designed to gently prefatigue your grip and pull and then give you a manageable set of strict pulling under fatigue. The goal is to be able to move smoothly through rounds without letting your pace degrade.

Gymnastics Conditioning
6-8 rounds
10 Unbroken chest to bar
:15 rest
10 unbroken ring rows
:15 rest
10 very light bicep curls/arm
:15 rest.

Let your form and ability to keep your unbroken set of chest to bar be your guide as to how many rounds you can do.

Keeping the very short rest and unbroken chest to bar is more important than anything else.