CrossFit Workout 4/7/2018 Saturday

General warmup
10 rounds of :30 on :30 off
Even Rounds: Reverse lunges
Odd Rounds:single unders

Workout warmup
15 min of
KB snatch work
10 ub wallballs
10 situps (or 6-8 ghd situps)

CrossFit Workout
You go, I go style
200 wall balls. Every time the ball touches the ground, both partners run a 550 with the wallball, switch as needed. You can pass the ball in the air.
120 kb snatches
every break both partners carry one kb total on a 400, switch as needed.
80 slamball situps 30/20
every time you switch, both partners crush carry the slamball a 150.

Make up a lift you missed this week

5 rounds of 1 tuck lever negative, as slow as possible
right into
6 straight leg kipping toe raises (either toes to bar, or as high as you can get with straight legs)

rest as needed

For time: 60/50 cals airdyne
Rest 5:00
These should be all out sprints
If the rest feels too long, you’re not riding hard enough. If the first round takes longer than a minute, cut the calories down.